[ntp:questions] Is it possible to run NTP daemon on loopback interface ?

Aravind babu aravindforn at yahoo.co.in
Tue Dec 21 09:07:12 UTC 2004

Dear Danny,
          My requirement is to run ntpd on loopback interface.How to achieve that.I checked the code and i tried by adding some bind calls in code.But i am unable to run ntpd on loopback.
Brad suggested me to contact you.Pls help me to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance,

Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:
At 6:20 AM +0000 2004-12-20, Aravind babu wrote:

> Thanks for reply.Suppose if i want to run ntpd on loopback interface in
> which place ( exactly in which file of source code) i have to change?
> My requirement is to run ntpd on loopback.

I don't know. Danny might have an idea, but I suspect that this 
issue is going to be a lot more difficult to solve than you think. 
Feel free to experiment and let us know what you get working.

Brad Knowles, 

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