[ntp:questions] Re: ntp server behind ADSL alcatel speedtouch 510 firewall not responding.

Remko Bolt marem at concepts.nl
Wed Dec 22 11:06:10 UTC 2004

Folkert van Heusden wrote:
> Simple: I had 2 tcp forwarders (SSH and HTTP) and UDP for NTP. After a
> while, every time the UDP forward would stop. Unusable.

I tried some other googles and found out that it needs some extra firewall rules 
that are not in the standard setup:

:firewall rule create chain=source index=3 prot=udp dstport=sntp action=accept
:firewall rule create chain=sink index=5 prot=udp dstport=sntp action=accept

Dit you use those? Now it's working fine.



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