[ntp:questions] Re: refclock WWV on freeBSD 5.3

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 23 12:51:50 UTC 2004

david.margrave at gmail.com wrote:

>okay after doing 'kldload snd_dev' I at least get this far:
>Dec 22 15:21:57 scooby ntpd[482]: ntpd 4.2.0-a Thu Nov  4 22:31:34 UTC
>2004 (1)Dec 22 15:21:57 scooby ntpd[482]: refclock_newpeer: clock type
>36 invalid
>Dec 22 15:21:57 scooby ntpd[482]: configuration of failed
>I'm still getting used to FreeBSD's differences, having been a
>long-time linux user.   One thing that seems strange is the
>/etc/rc.d/ntpd script just silently exits.  It appears it's trying to
>do that chroot jail option and not liking something and giving up.
>I'll have to dig through the settings and learn the freeBSD way of
>configuring things.
Are you certain that the type 36 driver is being compiled and linked?  I 
was getting a similar message when I tried to bring up a Motorola Oncore 
about a year ago.  It turned out that the driver was not included in the 
executable; a fact that we established by doing something like
# strings ntpd |grep Oncore
and not finding the string "Oncore".

It turned out that some recent changes to the driver prevented it from 
building on Solaris. 

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