[ntp:questions] Re: Time mysteriously advancing with FreeBSD 5.3 and ntpd 4.2.0-a

Mxsmanic mxsmanic at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 27 22:33:29 UTC 2004

Richard B. Gilbert writes:

> What version of NTP were you running?  What version are you running 
> now?

I don't remember the previous version.  The current version is 4.2.0-a.

> What does your config file look like?

# NTP configuration

logconfig +all
#restrict default

driftfile /etc/ntp.drift

#server prefer minpoll 4 maxpoll 4 
#fudge time1 -0.000280 time2 -62.89 stratum 0
statistics loopstats peerstats clockstats
#disable auth ntp

server  tick.usno.navy.mil
server  time-a.nist.gov
server  time-b.nist.gov
server  tock.usno.navy.mil
server  time-nw.nist.gov
server  time-a.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov
server  time-b.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov
server  time-c.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov
server  ptbtime1.ptb.de
server  ptbtime2.ptb.de
#server swisstime.ethz.ch
#server ntp3.fau.de
#server time.nist.gov
#server ntp-p1.obspm.fr

> What does the output of ntpq -p look like?

# ntpq -p
ntpq: read: Connection refused

I have securelevel=3, but that was true before, too.

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