[ntp:questions] Re: Setting NTP Stratum level

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Dec 30 04:27:51 UTC 2004

mackdaddy315 wrote:

>Excuse the newbie question.
>I have a redhat 9 box that I am going to be running NTPD on a network
>that does not have access outside of itself. Is there an option
>somewhere like the /etc/ntp.conf file where I can set the stratum level
>the devices attatching to my server see?
You can add the lines:

# Declare the local clock to be the clock of last resort.
# It will be used to serve time in the absence of any other.
server              # Local clock, unit 0
fudge stratum 10

to your ntp.conf.  Stratum 10 is conventional for unsynchronized local 
clocks; it is high enough that nobody is likely to mistake it for a 
desirable clock to synchronize with.

Your unsynchronized local clock is probably neither stable enough or 
accurate enough to provide accurate time or close synchronization but 
your server and clients should all stay within a second or so of each 
other.  You will have to set the clock on the server periodically if you 
want a reasonable approximation to the correct time.

I have seen a PC running Solaris X86 lose twelve hours over the course 
of a year or eighteen months; that's how bad a PC clock can be!  Your 
mileage may vary!!

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