[ntp:questions] Re: CHU time source?

shoppa at trailing-edge.com shoppa at trailing-edge.com
Thu Dec 30 21:17:13 UTC 2004

You're in Toronto, the CHU transmitters in Ottawa, only 250 or 300
miles away.  You'd probably get pretty good reception continuously on
either 3.33MHz or 7.335MHz.

I use the WWV audio refclock, and from my location (near Washington DC,
a couple thousand of miles away from Boulder) one of the five
frequencies is usually usable.  I think that with your proximity to the
CHU transmitters you'd get a lot more regular reception.

I don't have any experience with audio refclocks under FreeBSD, but it
"oughta work".  It took me a little bit of tinkering to make it work
with Linux, see


and references there.


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