[ntp:questions] Re: CHU time source?

David Magda dmagda+trace040726 at ee.ryerson.ca
Fri Dec 31 14:55:11 UTC 2004

Ross <rwa at aukward.bogons> writes:

> shoppa at trailing-edge.com writes:
> > You're in Toronto, the CHU transmitters in Ottawa, only 250 or 300
> > miles away.  You'd probably get pretty good reception continuously on
> > either 3.33MHz or 7.335MHz.
> I lived in Trenton, Ont. in the 60's.  CHU is a ton of bricks all over
> southern Ontario.

Would the frequency that I listen to determine the accuracy of the
time? (I'm technically an E.E. so I should know this, but I took more
computer courses than frequency / radio / communication ones. :)

> AVC, but that was pretty much cosmetic.  CHU turns out to be quite
> jittery and I've elected to go with WWV since I've only got one
> (non-agile) receiver that I can dedicate.

Is the jitter from CHU something inherent in its signal, or simply
the fact that you're now located in Edmonton (?) and the atmosphere
messes with the radio waves?

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