[ntp:questions] Re: Dopey selection of server

Christopher Burian cburian at ll.mit.edu
Sun Feb 1 03:48:14 UTC 2004

Dave, thanks for the in-depth reply.  I do appreciate it and I know you
have better things to do. 

It sounds like tinker floor is just what I'm looking for, a way so that
my client doesn't pester stratum 1 servers unless it's stratum 2 servers 
are OTL.  

Changing the subject... I wonder if this would actually do any good or 
not as far as jitter and delay... but using a Windows SNTP client, I've 
noticed that querying a server results in a long delay on the first try,
but is almost instantaneous on the second try.  It would be nice to be 
able to double-tap each server and then discard the first reply at each 
poll interval.  Kind of like burst.


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