[ntp:questions] Re: TrueTime GPS-Receiver

John DeDourek dedourek at unb.ca
Tue Feb 3 01:30:39 UTC 2004

I have been looking at this issue also.  This is what I think is
correct.  I would appreciate a correction from anyone who can point
to appropriate documentation that more clearly answers the question

Unfortunately, I believe that the "drivers" in the ntp distribution
are drivers that load into the application itself.  The TrueTime
driver appears to presume that the true time "GPS" receiver is one
with a serial line output.  The linux kernel already has drivers
that operate the serial line and feed the bytes to the application
so that the ntpd application driver merely needs to parse the
byte string into an appropriate time stamp.

In the case of an ISA or PCI card, I presume that a Linux kernel
driver is needed as well.  This would allow the "application
level driver" in ntpd to "open" a special character device and
obtain the timestamp as bytes (probably binary) read directly
via the I/O bus, no through a serial port.

John DeDourek

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