[ntp:questions] Re: Data corruption: little / big endian issue ? overflow ?

Fabien.Ribes fribes at capgemini.fr
Wed Feb 4 13:25:40 UTC 2004

Hi Richard,

Maybe you haven't scroll down, as several useful information is present 
in may first post.
The problem occurs on a PPC architecture running Linux 2.4.16, with NTP 
4.1.0 cross compiled.

After some search on the net, it is known as ntp bug #181, I'm currently 
reading the whole story on bugzilla.

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
> When asking a question like this, you really need to supply more 
> details.   What hardware are you talking about; PC, Mac, Sun Sparc, DEC 
> Alpha. . .. .   What O/S and what version?  What version of NTP?  Did 
> you build NTP from the distribution or are you using a precompiled 
> version?  If it's precompiled, where did you get it; e.g. came with the 
> O/S, downloaded from ....?

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