[ntp:questions] Re: A utility called "S"?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 1 20:22:30 UTC 2004

Thanks Dave,

I've been using gawk to extract the records for each server and Gnuplot 
to plot offset, delay and dispersion for each day..  I stumbled across 
the awk scripts while trying to find a different awk script entirely 
with the intention of recycling pieces of it do some simple statistical 
studies that your scripts already do

The existing summary.sh script does not appear to be entirely Y2K 
compliant;  if I'm reading it correctly, it's still looking for 
peerstats and clockstats in the 20th century.  It also appears to expect 
the stats files in the same directory where it and the awk scripts 
live.  I think I can fix that and, perhaps, also modify it to use 
Gnuplot.  I'll be happy to share if I can get it working.

David L. Mills wrote:

>Brace for a blast from the past. The S package was distributed some
>years ago by AT&T (no kidding). It was quite a classy package and
>produced wonderful publication documents on Sunses and allegedly
>Windows. We used it here for awhile and it might even yet be available,
>but real engineers now use Matlab. Every few months or so I make another
>small step to overhaul the scripts for Matlab, but that ain't done yet.
>Volunteers are always cherished.
>I built the statistics files especially friendly to common Unix tools.
>The scripts are designed to bun once a week or so and produce summary
>reports for usage statistics, general monitoring and fault detection.
>There is also a little dormant project designed to watch the statistics
>in real time and call a beeper if something goes wrong. The mind
>"Richard B. Gilbert" wrote:
>>In .../ntp-4.2.0/scripts/stats/summary.sh we find:
>># Process clockstat files with S and generate PostScript plots
>>While berivity may be the soul of wit, "S" is a little too brief to be
>>useful unless you already know where to get it and how to use it.   I'm
>>imagining trying to search the web for "S"....
>>Can anyone spell this out for a poor newbie?

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