[ntp:questions] auto overwritten /etc/ntp.conf?

Amrit TransAMrit at comcast.net
Tue Jan 6 06:06:14 UTC 2004

Hi, I'm trying to see if anyone has had a weird problem with /etc/ntp.conf.  
Every once in a while, mine gets overwritten!  I've seen this happen various 
times on slackware 8.x/9.x (don't know about other distros, this is all I 
use).  The version currently in use on 9.1 is 4.1.2, but i'm sure 8.x must 
have had older versions, and 8.x did exhibit similar behavior.

I have no idea what triggers the change (ntpd, ntpdate, etc) or when it 
happens.  It seems that sometimes it can happen in a matter of days, and 
sometimes it can go for months (unless I just didn't notice until late here).

The new ntp.conf only has about 7 lines in it: a few restrict lines, a server 
line, driftfile, logfile, etc.  Strangely, the server line will always be set 
to  Does this sound familiar at all to anyone?  This is getting 
to be _very_ frustrating.

Thanks for any help.

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AIM: ThatComputerGuy

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