[ntp:questions] Re: A utility called "S"?

Peter Boettcher boettcher at ll.mit.edu
Tue Jan 6 14:38:26 UTC 2004

mayer at gis.net (Danny Mayer) writes:

> Peter Boettcher <boettcher at ll.mit.edu> wrote in message
> news:<m3ekuez7b3.fsf at coyote.llan.ll.mit.edu>...
>> Speaking of typesetting, I've gotten some terrific results using
>> MATLAB and LaTeX, using a cute MATLAB script called "laprint" to
>> replace all the ugly text with LaTeX strings.  The fonts are
>> consistent with the rest of the document, appropriately sized, and
>> just nice to look at.
> Where do you find it?


If you don't know the LaTeX package "psfrag" you'll want to read about
it first, as it does the dirty work.


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