[ntp:questions] Re: Make NTP timestamps leap-second-neutral (like GPS time)

hack hack at watson.ibm.com
Wed Jan 7 15:45:06 UTC 2004

In article <3a2a0492.0401070533.184e5d45 at posting.google.com>,
Danny Mayer <mayer at gis.net> wrote:

>Also that reference you included doesn't work. Markus may have changed it.
>Is it: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/time/c/ ?

Yes indeed. that's what was at the bootm of the page.  But the google link
that I followed was spelled .../c-time so that's what I copied.

As for an RFC, I was hoping to collect comments.  Surely the idea has
occurred to others before, perhaps even to David Mills, and I'd rather
have a solid basis for a proposal, including message format etc.


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