[ntp:questions] Re: Make NTP timestamps leap-second-neutral (like GPS time)

John Sager jcs at no_s_p_a_m.zoo.bt.co.uk
Wed Jan 7 15:41:14 UTC 2004

In article <bth87o$k48$1 at news.btv.ibm.com>,
	hack at watson.ibm.com (hack) writes:
> In article <3a2a0492.0401070533.184e5d45 at posting.google.com>,
> Danny Mayer <mayer at gis.net> wrote:
>>Also that reference you included doesn't work. Markus may have changed it.
>>Is it: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/time/c/ ?
> Yes indeed. that's what was at the bootm of the page.  But the google link
> that I followed was spelled .../c-time so that's what I copied.
> As for an RFC, I was hoping to collect comments.  Surely the idea has
> occurred to others before, perhaps even to David Mills, and I'd rather
> have a solid basis for a proposal, including message format etc.

This has been discussed at length before, probably at least over the
last 10 years. It has merit now, but needs to be done properly.
You need to talk to Dave Mills.


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