[ntp:questions] Re: All my servers rejected

Harlan Stenn stenn at maccarony.ntp.org
Thu Jan 8 00:33:55 UTC 2004

I recommend the following:

- Can you afford $200 for a GPS clock?  I gathern RadioShack is closing out
  some (apparently tolerable) GPS receivers for about $30...
- do what you can to get a local, reliable frequency source, so you can
  continue to have stable time when your link is down.
- use iburst and burst (in your specific case - in most cases
  burst is Unfriendly)
- use your pppup/pppdown scripts (or whatever) to handle enabling and
  disabling your ntp associations as your connection goes up and down

This is somewhat discussed on twiki.ntp.org .  I would be Happy to see
more info there.  Please help.


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