[ntp:questions] Re: All my servers rejected

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Thu Jan 8 01:14:19 UTC 2004

"David Moerman" <david.(dot)m@(at)advmeas.(dot)com> wrote in message 
news:cMZKb.47412$Dm.45292 at edtnps89...

> I've got a situation where I'm trying to synchronize through a modem
> connection (115200 bps through a satellite).  Ping delays are between 2 to
> 3.5 seconds, and jitter is often above 1 second.  I've tried between 3 and 
> 5
> different servers;  I've tried using just NIST servers;  I've tried just
> stratum 2 servers with varying NTP version (3 or 4) support;  no 
> difference.
> BTW, I'm using ntpq version 4.1.2 on linux 2.4 kernel (redhat 9).

    Unless you want to get a local GPS or radio clock, I would suggest using 
something other than full NTP for this.


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