[ntp:questions] [question] I want to maintain different time to constant value.

Ju Won Park jwpark at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
Thu Jan 15 06:34:51 UTC 2004

Dear ntp.org.

My name is Juwon Park in K-JIST, Republic of Korea.

I have some question about NTP.

I want to clock synchronize my computers to a NTP server. So, I found some programs. 
(SP time sync, PC atomic sync)  I downloaded and installed some softwares from 
http://www.softcities.com/SP-Dialer/download/1894.htm, http://brigsoft.com/bsatomic/.
I used the NTP server at clock.via.net.

When I execute this program, initally time difference between my computers and the NTP 
server is very small ( <1ms ). However, in the coures of the time, different time became 
bigger and bigger.

I don't know that how shall I configure.
Let me know if you know configuration.

Thank very much.

with Best Regards!
-Juwon Park 

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