[ntp:questions] Re: Configuring dual refclock/PPS sources

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Fri Jan 16 08:15:01 UTC 2004

[This has nothing to do with dual refclocks.]

>I grepped for ttl|TTL in the ntpd directory and didn't find any (obvious) 
>references to using it as a parity hack, and didn't find any references at 
>all in refclock_hpgps.c.  But it did the trick, so who knows.  By the way, 
>to make the Z3801A work, I modified refclock_hpgps.c to change the baudrate 
>to 19200, and modified ntp_refclock.c to change to odd parity and 7 bits.

I don't believe it's in the standard software.  It requires a patch.

Most of the software that I'm using came from Jeff Mock.

You can find some of his comments in this newsgroup and/or
here is a link to his tarball.
It's got good directions/pictures on the hardware mods needed.

I don't remember any real problems porting it over to 4.2.0
Maybe a name or two changed.

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