[ntp:questions] Re: wireless routers beating on NTP servers

Craig E. Johnston craig.e.johnston at boeing.com
Fri Jan 16 17:21:22 UTC 2004

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> I just picked up one of those $85 Linksys WRT54G home wireless
> routers.  I knew it was an embedded Linux host when I bought it, but
> I'd completely forgotten about the Netgear debacle.  Imagine my
> surprise after I configured everything that it allows you to configure
> and I slap a tcpdump on the line and notice that it is pestering these
> NTP hosts every 60 seconds:
>      time.chttl.com
>      time.nist.gov
>      time.stdtime.gov.tw
> Why don't they let you set the NTP hosts it contacts?  I could give it
> an (ahem) stratum 1 only a 0.3ms hop away.  If the guys at NIST are
> wondering why their packet load is through the roof.  I think I can
> give them one reason.  (And yes, this is with the most recent linksys
> wrt54g firmware, v2.00.8)
> Now to figure out how I can stop if from doing this nonsense without
> doing a binary edit of the eeprom.
> -wolfgang

That's strange, I also recently setup a WRT54G (Firmware 1.30.7) and it 
has a place to specify an NTP server (or auto) on the initial setup 
page.  I'm suprised they would remove this option.  Could it be hiding 
on some other page?


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