[ntp:questions] Re: wireless routers beating on NTP servers

David Sullivan sully-usenet at stargazy.org
Sat Jan 17 11:40:10 UTC 2004

"Wolfgang S. Rupprecht"        <wolfgang+gnus20040115T195425 at dailyplanet.dontspam.wsrcc.com> wrote in message news:<x7k73s3500.fsf at capsicum.wsrcc.com>...
> I just picked up one of those $85 Linksys WRT54G home wireless
> routers.  I knew it was an embedded Linux host when I bought it, but
> I'd completely forgotten about the Netgear debacle.  Imagine my
> surprise after I configured everything that it allows you to configure
> and I slap a tcpdump on the line and notice that it is pestering these
> NTP hosts every 60 seconds:
>      time.chttl.com
>      time.nist.gov
>      time.stdtime.gov.tw

If this is just after poweron and it's running an embedded Linux it's
possible it might be the normal ntp software doing it's initial dance.
These devices may increase their polling interval and properly respect
ignorance and KoD in the normal way (which at least might be something
compared to the netgear and smc debacles).


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