[ntp:questions] Re: offset is correlated with delay

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com
Sun Jan 18 08:47:17 UTC 2004

Andrew Schulman wrote:
> If my hypothesis is true, then the increase in offset should be about half
> of the increase in delay (server delay).  And that does seem to be the
> case-- it's about right in the example above.

For one-way delays (very usual case, what with download etc) this is true.
> I know that the real method of estimation is more complicated than this,
> that there's a statistical model involved.  Right now I'm just trying to
> get the basic idea right.  But another possibility is that the statistical
> model introduces this correlation.
> What do you think?  Am I on the right track here?  Is this a well-known
> problem?  Feel free to set me straight if I've completely missed the
> boat :)

See the http://www.ntp.org documentation, and in particular 'tinker 
huffpuff' which was written to get around links that sometimes saturate.


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