[ntp:questions] Re: Is compression of the NTP negotiation possible?

Isaac Grover ephesys at myexcel.com
Sun Jan 18 05:44:49 UTC 2004

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004 13:54:34 -0800, "David Schwartz" <davids at webmaster.com>

>I remember there being tools that do just this. They do a time update 
>from a server when you run them, compute the drift, and do a one-time 
>adjustment of the kernel's time rate.
>Is this machine on most of the time and just not reachable over the net? 
>Or does the power go on and off?

Nope, gibson itself is online two hours a day in the evening while I do online
activities with my client machine, milk.  The only way milk and my other client
machines can get to the 'net is through gibson, which connects via dialup upon
my command.  Power is not an issue in my neck of the woods.

If I could justify the high cost of DSL or cable in my area, I would certainly
leave at least gibson on most of the time, which would put this thread to rest,
but that simply will not be the case for a long while, IMO.


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