[ntp:questions] Motorola Oncore M12 driver questions

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 18 23:05:12 UTC 2004

Environment:  Sun Ultra 5/360MHz 256meg Solaris 8 4/02, unpatched.  NTP 

I have the Oncore plugged into the 9-pin serial port on the back, 
labeled "B".  Comments in the driver read as follows:
* This code uses the two devices
 *      /dev/oncore.serial.n
 *      /dev/oncore.pps.n
* which may be linked to the same device.

Obviously, I"m expected to create these devices, since they don't 
exist.  How?  I would expect to create links in /dev to something else 
in /dev but the details escape me.  Hard links or soft?  To which device 
file in /dev? 
sunblok_# ls /dev/tt*
/dev/tty    /dev/ttyp2  /dev/ttyp7  /dev/ttypc  /dev/ttyq1  /dev/ttyq6  
/dev/ttyqb  /dev/ttyr0  /dev/ttyr5  /dev/ttyra  /dev/ttyrf
/dev/ttya   /dev/ttyp3  /dev/ttyp8  /dev/ttypd  /dev/ttyq2  /dev/ttyq7  
/dev/ttyqc  /dev/ttyr1  /dev/ttyr6  /dev/ttyrb
/dev/ttyb   /dev/ttyp4  /dev/ttyp9  /dev/ttype  /dev/ttyq3  /dev/ttyq8  
/dev/ttyqd  /dev/ttyr2  /dev/ttyr7  /dev/ttyrc
/dev/ttyp0  /dev/ttyp5  /dev/ttypa  /dev/ttypf  /dev/ttyq4  /dev/ttyq9  
/dev/ttyqe  /dev/ttyr3  /dev/ttyr8  /dev/ttyrd
/dev/ttyp1  /dev/ttyp6  /dev/ttypb  /dev/ttyq0  /dev/ttyq5  /dev/ttyqa  
/dev/ttyqf  /dev/ttyr4  /dev/ttyr9  /dev/ttyre

sunblok_# ls /dev/term
a  b

The Sun System Administration course did not touch on serial devices at 
all and I don't recall ever having to deal with one in my checkered Unix 
career (SGI Irix V3.x 4.x, 5.x,  HPUX v? Digital Unix V4.? and, most 
recently Solaris 8 with Solaris 9 waiting in the wings)  Unix has always 
been a sideline rather than a career and the amount of stuff I don't 
know/understand is simply amazing.

Where would I expect to learn the relationship(s) between 51 device 
files and the two serial ports actually on the system?  Or how about 
/dev/term/a and /dev/term/b.   cat /dev/term/b reveals something that 
could be Motorola binary!

Next, the configuration file expects LAT and LONG with +/-.   I've 
always dealt with N/S and E/W and don't know the sign convention?  The 
comments neglect to explain it.  I'm at N39 45.3802 and W75 04.2737. Is 
N  + or -?  Is W + or -?

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