[ntp:questions] Re: Motorola Oncore M12 driver questions

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang+gnus20040118T161808 at dailyplanet.dontspam.wsrcc.com
Mon Jan 19 00:36:52 UTC 2004

"Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> writes:
> Environment:  Sun Ultra 5/360MHz 256meg Solaris 8 4/02, unpatched.
> NTP 4.2.0
> I have the Oncore plugged into the 9-pin serial port on the back,
> labeled "B".  Comments in the driver read as follows:
> * This code uses the two devices
>  *      /dev/oncore.serial.n
>  *      /dev/oncore.pps.n
> * which may be linked to the same device.
> Obviously, I"m expected to create these devices, since they don't
> exist.  How?  I would expect to create links in /dev to something else
> in /dev but the details escape me.  Hard links or soft?  To which
> device file in /dev? sunblok_# ls /dev/tt*

If you have it plugged into "TTY B" the file to use is some version of
/dev/ttyb or the dialout version of the file (/dev/dtyb /dev/cub ???).
(Sorry, can't remember the Sun name for this file. It's been too

> Next, the configuration file expects LAT and LONG with +/-.   I've
> always dealt with N/S and E/W and don't know the sign convention?  The
> comments neglect to explain it.  I'm at N39 45.3802 and W75
> 04.2737. Is N  + or -?  Is W + or -?

North is '+'
South is '-'
East  is '+'
West  is '-'

Think of the Earth as a graph paper with the equator just under
Greenwich, England being (0,0).

With an M12 Oncore (not M12+ or M12T) you will probably have to turn
off the hardware site survey or else ntp will never lock.  If it just
shows stratum 16 for hours you have this problem.  If this happens you
can just fill in the lat/lon/elevation numbers yourself and select
"Mode 1".

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