[ntp:questions] Re: do_clock_gettime resulting in Linux crash?

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Mon Jan 19 02:43:33 UTC 2004

>I don't know if this is a bug, or if it is, where it lives, but my 
>ntp-4.2.0/Linux-2.4.21/PPSkit-2.1.2 machine is crashing after three or four 
>hours of operation in PPS mode.
>I'm using an HP Z3801A clock with the hpgps driver modified only to handle 
>the different serial port params (19200, O71).  The system starts normally 
>and ntp brings up the GPS and PPS interfaces with kernel discipline 
>apparently working just fine.  Then the machine hangs, with a screenfull 
>(or more) of:
>do_clock_gettime: negative time warp on CPU#0: -467348901ns (0,9787444)   # 
>the numbers vary

I'm running a Z3801A on a 2.4.16 kernel.  I have seen the negative time
warm messages, but haven't tried to track them down.  On my system,
it prints:  (won't complain any more), and they stop.  That's
after a 100 or so of them.

I'm using the Atom/PPS driver rather than the direct-kernel mode.

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