[ntp:questions] NMEA GPS ignored

Matthias Bauer bauerm at i1.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Tue Jan 20 10:30:08 UTC 2004

ntp-4.2.0 on OpenBSD 3.4-current (i386),
NMEA device is a HI-202E ``gpsmouse'' on
the serial port. Checking with `cu' shows
that the device is sending GGA, GSA, GSV
and RMC formatted strings.
ntpdc clockstat

clock address:
clock type:           Generic NMEA GPS Receiver (20)
last event:           6
current status:       6
number of polls:      1
no response to poll:  0
bad format responses: 0
bad data responses:   19
running time:         18
fudge time 1:         0.000000
fudge time 2:         0.000000
stratum:              0
reference ID:         GPS
fudge flags:          0x4

Ntp thinks all responses are bad, why?

Best regards,

Matthias Bauer

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