[ntp:questions] Re: wireless routers beating on NTP servers

John Sager jcs at no_s_p_a_m.zoo.bt.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 13:27:05 UTC 2004

In article <x7fzed3oe3.fsf at capsicum.wsrcc.com>,
	"Wolfgang S. Rupprecht"          <wolfgang+gnus20040117T190822 at dailyplanet.dontspam.wsrcc.com> writes:
> Lets home the critical infrastructure can be convinced to buy their
> own GPS based stratum-1's to supplement external time sources.

Excuse me if I laugh, Wolfgang. The recent PRN23 fault (you wouldn't
have seen it in SF) showed up some shortcomings in GPS time sources.
I suspect it didn't have too big an impact on NTP clocks, but
a lot of our GPS-referenced backup network frequency sources dropped
off line for an hour or two.


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