[ntp:questions] Re: ntp configuration file keeps resetting to installation default - RESOLVED

Ben Measures saint_abroadremove at removehotmail.com
Tue Jan 20 14:09:22 UTC 2004

Allen McIntosh wrote:
> In article <TP2Pb.658$ff5.602 at news-binary.blueyonder.co.uk>,
> Ben Measures  <saint_abroadremove at removehotmail.com> wrote:
>>Lol, found the solution. dhcpd is the culprit. It overwrites 
>>/etc/ntp.conf whether or not it is given anything about ntp.
> Two comments:
> 1) The culprit is the client, dhcpcd, not the server.
> 2) I don't believe dhcpcd does anything unless the server claims to have
> NTP information.

Heh, thats what I meant. I was in a hurry to mark the thread resolved.

I tried to take the whole thing back. Oh the shame.

Ben M.

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