[ntp:questions] Re: wireless routers beating on NTP servers

Nelson Minar nelson at monkey.org
Tue Jan 20 17:57:05 UTC 2004

sully-usenet at stargazy.org (David Sullivan) writes:
>         char ntp_servers[4][256] = {
>                 "time.nist.gov",
>                 "time.stdtime.gov.tw",
>                 "time.chttl.com.tw",
>                 "",

This is truly absurd. How dare Linksys/Cisco think they have the right
to use these services?

What amazes me most is that no one at Linksys apparently ever caught
this. Wolfgang spent two hours with a quiet device and monitored the
traffic to find this problem. You'd think someone at Linksys would
have thought to try the same thing. Didn't it ever occur to them to
examine what packets their Internet device sends out?

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