[ntp:questions] How to set up a windows 2000 workstation as a NTP time server.

Bobby pmpradh at accusort.com
Tue Jan 20 18:30:11 UTC 2004


I am in the very early stage of NTP Time synchronization subject.
I have done a little study about it. I would like to use ntpd
instead of windows time (w32time).

Here's my issue..

I would like to set up a windows 2000 workstation as NTP time 
server. I guess this issue has been raised many time in this
group. I scanned through the group but could not find a simple
solution from previously posted messages. I would really appreciate
if some one shed some light or show me some direction.

I installed NTP V4.2.0 downloaded from www.norloff.org on one
of my windows 2000 box. and used ntpdate command to sync with 
time.nist.gov it works fine. Start the service ntpd and it seem
synchronizing the time correctly.

Now, how do I set this workstation as NTP server so that other
workstations can use same ntpdate or ntpd (networktimeprotocol
service)to synchronize the time with this windows 2000 workstation.

Thank you.

Prajit Pradhan

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