[ntp:questions] Re: Clock type 30 invalid?

Harlan Stenn stenn at maccarony.ntp.org
Thu Jan 22 02:05:23 UTC 2004

In article <JrSdnc3_S-prt5LdRVn-gw at comcast.com>,
Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote:
>sunblok_# grep HAVE_PPSAPI config.h
>/* #undef HAVE_PPSAPI */
>Is the missing PPSAPI part of the O/S?  Or a component of NTP?

We look for support from the OS.

>Do I need  to include a --enable-ppsapi when I invoke configure?

You can try, but we already look for it.

Looking at configure.in I see:

 case "$ac_cv_c_inline$ac_cv_struct_timespec$ac_cv_header_timepps_h$ac_cv_header_
 sys_timepps_h" in

which means that you must have:

- the "inline" keyword in your C compiler
- struct timespec
- at least one of the following headers:
- - timepps.h
- - sys/timepps.h


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