[ntp:questions] Re: Looking for manual to start NTP

Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.org
Thu Jan 22 18:15:11 UTC 2004

On 2004-01-22, Stephen Liu <satimis at icare.com.hk> wrote:
> Debian - unstable.
> I have
> # apt-get install ntp
> installed

The 'ntp' package does not include ntpd. You need to install either
the ntp-simple package (if you're not running a local refclock) or the
ntp-refclock (if you _are_ running a local refclock).

Even though ntpdate is deprecated, you may also wish to install it
because, AFAIK, the Debian ntp packages do not utilize the ntpd -g

<snip: empty /etc/ntp.conf>

As a part of the installation debconf should prompt you for the time
servers that you wish to use. But this will not happen unless you
install one fof the ntp daemon packages.


> # man ntp
> no printout

The ntpd man page is in the ntp daemon packages:

steve:~$ dpkg -L ntp-simple | grep man

The ntp package only contains man pages for the ntp utilities:

steve:~$ dpkg -L ntp | grep man

> Kindly advise where can I find relevant manual to config 'ntp' and get 
> it to work.

You need to install one of the ntp daemon packages:

* ntp-simple
* ntp-refclock (only if you use a local refclock)

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