[ntp:questions] Re: Looking for manual to start NTP

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 23 02:07:01 UTC 2004

The absolute minimum configuration file for NTP is:

server <address of timeserver>

Almost as essential is to add the line
driftfile /etc/ntp/drift   # use a file spec that is appropriate for 
your system.

The drift file is used when you restart your system; it supplies a 
reasonable initial value for the adjustment to your clock frequency.  It 
can save you the several hours it would take to find the correct value 
without any guidance.

Most configuration files will have a minimum of three server lines.

There are many other things you can put in ntp.conf but the above will 
get you started.

See Public NTP Time Servers 
for the addresses of time servers near you.  Try the Stratum 2 servers 
first; many of them provide more stable and accurate time than the 
Stratum 1 servers which are usually overloaded.

Stephen Liu wrote:

> Hi all folks,
> Debian - unstable.
> I have
> # apt-get install ntp
> installed
> # cat /etc/ntp.conf
> only found an empty file.
> # /etc/init.d/ntp-simple start
> Starting NTP server: ntpd.
> # man ntp
> no printout
> Kindly advise where can I find relevant manual to config 'ntp' and get 
> it to work.
> B.R.
> Stephen Liu

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