[ntp:questions] No recovery from connection loss

Spam Averse frappe_boy at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 23 17:37:40 UTC 2004

I'm running NTP v4.1.1 on a (Red Hat Linux v7.3) system whose Internet
connection is unreliable.  NTP seems to consider a connection loss to be a
permenent condition.

Several times a day I will lose the connection on my DSL line, then
immediately reconnect.  This leaves me without Internet access for about 60
seconds at a time.  During that brief period NTP will log several messages
in this format:

    sendto( Invalid argument
OK, that's understandable.  The problem, though, is that there seems to be
no provision for retrying a connection.  Once NTP has detected an inability
to connect to any other server, it basically stops trying altogether.  It
is nessessary to shutdown then restart NTP to regain its functionality.

Is there some configuration of NTP that can be done to either retry after an
error or to reinitialize without shutting down the server altogether?


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