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>> I
>> >
>> >With an M12 Oncore (not M12+ or M12T) you will probably have to turn
>> >off the hardware site survey or else ntp will never lock.  If it just
>> >shows stratum 16 for hours you have this problem.  If this happens you
>> >can just fill in the lat/lon/elevation numbers yourself and select
>> >"Mode 1".
>> >
>> Fixed in the current BitKeeper Sources for ntp.
>I know it will vary between sites but how long are you finding it takes to
>complete the site survey with the fixed code?

If you look at the beginning of the code, it says that both the Hardware Site Survey
and the Software equivalent take the average of 10000 (at 1/s) fixes.

This comes out to about 2h45m.  

You can then use the result of that pass as input in you ntp.oncore.0 file, so
that later startups will only take a minute or so.

[[ I in fact used the SHMEM interface and the plot programs to average for several
days, and have used those numbers for the past several years ]]

                                        reg at dwf.com

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