[ntp:questions] Re: Clock type 30 invalid?

reg at orion.dwf.com reg at orion.dwf.com
Fri Jan 23 18:45:12 UTC 2004

> What/where is the "BK repository".   I'm new to NTP, new to the 
> newsgroup and generally ignorant of many of the things that "everybody 
> knows".

Take a look at the README.bk at the top level of your ntp source tree.
It tells you how to get the Free BitKeeper client code and then how to grab the current
sources from the ntp site.  
Note that after you get them there is one more line you have to run (see README.bk) befor
you can do a ./configure.

> Is there some reason why the fixes you mentioned never made it into the 
> distribution at ntp.org?

Ah, no.  The BK site contains all the CURRENT changes, I made the ones mentioned within
the last day or two.  The distributions are the current status of the BK site, but
are only made 2-3 times a year.

                                        reg at dwf.com

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