[ntp:questions] Re: No recovery from connection loss

Spam Averse frappe_boy at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 23 18:58:20 UTC 2004

Darren Dunham wrote:

> Spam Averse <frappe_boy at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>     sendto( Invalid argument
>> OK, that's understandable.  The problem, though, is that there seems to
>> be
>> no provision for retrying a connection.  Once NTP has detected an
>> inability
>> to connect to any other server, it basically stops trying altogether.  It
>> is nessessary to shutdown then restart NTP to regain its functionality.
> When you get the connection back, is it with the same address, or does
> your host IP change?

It's almost always a different IP address.  The interface is using PPPoE.

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