[ntp:questions] Re: How to set up a windows 2000 workstation as a NTP time server.

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.not-this-bit
Fri Jan 23 20:29:08 UTC 2004

> Here is a dumb question.
> Is it necessary that the primary windows 2000 workstation,
> which is connected to internet and get synchronized with
> time.nist.gov, has to be connected all the time?

That is the way it is supposed to work, so that ntp can measure the
performance over a long period.  If you don't connect full time, then

- get a Radio Clock or GPS reference if time is critical
- use something like Tardis which is more suited to a dial-up connection.
Tardis will also serve a form of NTP out to the clients (but it's the
simpler, less accurate SNTP).

> I know/guess that the answer will be yes but I would like
> to connect to time.nist.gov once day and get sync'ed.
> After that I would like this workstation server as the
> time source for rest of my windows 2000 workstations.
> Is this possible?

Yes, you could even use the internal clock of the PC but it wouldn't be
very accurate.

> Today I connect my primary workstation to internet and
> it get synchronized with the time.nist.gov.
> I disconnected this (primary)computer from internet. From my
> other windows 2000 workstation I try to connect to primary win2k.
> To synchronize the time (using ntpd).
> As Danny mentioned, there could be network issues related
> which I haven't ruled out yet.
> I get stratum of 16 .. which means server unreacheable.
> Why?

because until ntp has stabilised (many minutes) it will not allow other
clients to sync from it.  Again, something like Tardis will not have this
restriction, but is not as accurate.

> ntpq displays as
> ntpq> pe
>      remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset
>  ASI011177       .STEP.          16 u   78 1024   20    0.837  189474.

> I am definitely sure there is something wrong... $^#$#$*@
> When I ping ASI011177 it comes back within less than 10ms.
> Now what I am missing.. please guide me through.
> Thank you in advance.
> Prajit,

The offset if 189474 seconds.  That seems to be 52 hours.  Your PC should
be running on UTC internally, with the control panel regional settings set
to the correct time zone (i.e. offset from UTC).  To check, set the time
zone to Casablanca GMT+0, and your PC should be displaying UTC.

NTP has a limit of (I think) 20 minutes maximum correction, not 52 hours.

A few more things to sort out there!


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