[ntp:questions] Re: cross compiling ntp-4.2.0: ./ntpdc-layout: cannot execute binary file

Maciej W. Rozycki macro at ds2.pg.gda.pl
Sat Jan 24 03:36:25 UTC 2004

On Sat, 24 Jan 2004, Harlan Stenn wrote:

> Thanks, and *PLEASE* use bugzilla for reporting problems and use
> attachments for posting fixes.

 That doesn't scale, sorry.  If I were to go through the hassle of
figuring out how to dig through a web site and then how to paste there the
information I want to pass for every project I happen to submit patches
for, especially for the occasional ones, then I'd lose a lot of precious
time that could use for development.  Plus I need to keep archives of
whatever I send for future reference and occasionally I want to postpone
composition in a middle which is tough with a browser.

 I can send patches inline as plain mail; large ones can be compressed and
MIME-encoded if arranged in advance, plus I add GNU-style ChangeLog
entries automatically if a project uses ones.  Everyone else accepts these
submission rules; often they are the preferred ones.  If you cannot, then
I'll be forced to keep my changes unreported (well, except that I build
and publish RPM packages, so one can always extract patches from them).  
That would be unfortunate, but I can live with that and, yes, I'm not the
only one with such a point of view.  Of course, if you set up a mail to
bugzilla gateway and supply a mail submission form within the distribution
so that the software can grok incoming data, that's acceptable.

> Trying to get patches off of netnews is Difficult for me, and severely
> reduces the chance that the patch will be applied.

 I've cc-ed the patch submission address I've figured out from docs --
apparently it requires a moderator approval, which is acceptable for me as
long as I don't have to perform further actions.  I fully agree Usenet is
not the right path for submitting changes, but in this case it was
probably the best way to get to the original reporter.

 But if a patch I submit gets lost, i.e. it's not applied and there's no
negative response, then I resend it after some time again; usually when I
build a newer version of the package involved.


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