[ntp:questions] Re: NTP, Unix and the 34-year itch

Thomas A. Horsley tom.horsley at att.net
Sat Jan 24 23:01:37 UTC 2004

>I just learned that big time offsets can come in places least
>expected. Twice over the last three weeks an otherwise well-behaved Sun
>Netra X1 with Solaris 8 experienced a sudden change of its sytem time to
>exactly 100 years into the past, to January 1904 (while it was running).

The exactly 100 years part sounds suspiciously like some program
somewhere is treating a tm_year field as though it is the year
modulo 100 rather than the year - 1900 (of course, all the manic
y2k code reviews were supposed to have fixed things like that :-).

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