[ntp:questions] Re: Netra X1 time warp

Roman Maeder maeder+news at mathconsult.ch
Sun Jan 25 13:55:45 UTC 2004

Doug McIntyre wrote:

>>Netra X1, Solaris 8, Generic_108528-27 (64 bits) time problems
>>Around 04:00 MET, January 22, 2004, the system time of my Netra X1 web server 
>>(www.mathematica.ch) suddenly jumped back exactly 100 years into the past.
>>The same thing had happened before, on January 4. Here is all the evidence I 
>>could collect from log files and observations.
> There's a bug with Sol8 and the NetraX1 in keeping time, from time to
> time it will lose all notion of what time it should be just like this.
> But this bug should have been fixed in 108528-12, and you seem to be
> running -27. Maybe it crept back in at some point, and you should up
> your kernel jumbo patch. 

That's just one of the problems. It must be this one:

(from 108528-12)
4467264 GET_NATIVE_TIME for hummingbird/UIIe can return erroneous values

then there was the clock speed problem:

(from 108528-13)
4460876 Hummingbird (UIIe) system clocks consistently run fast

looks like the troubles are not yet over. I saw occasional glitches in the 
order of 2 or 32 seconds a couple of times per month (fewer in recent times), 
but 100 years?


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