[ntp:questions] Re: Netra X1 time warp

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sun Jan 25 18:50:12 UTC 2004


I see nothing like that in the herd here; could the glitches be from the
radio? Also, there may be many more glitches that don't hit the logs due
the popcorn spike filters and clock filter and step processing. The
spikes would have to result in continue outside the 128-ms step
threshold and last longer than the 900-s stepout threshold. Is this what
you see?


Roman Maeder wrote:
> Doug McIntyre wrote:
> >>Netra X1, Solaris 8, Generic_108528-27 (64 bits) time problems
> >
> >
> >>Around 04:00 MET, January 22, 2004, the system time of my Netra X1 web server
> >>(www.mathematica.ch) suddenly jumped back exactly 100 years into the past.
> >>The same thing had happened before, on January 4. Here is all the evidence I
> >>could collect from log files and observations.
> >
> > There's a bug with Sol8 and the NetraX1 in keeping time, from time to
> > time it will lose all notion of what time it should be just like this.
> >
> > But this bug should have been fixed in 108528-12, and you seem to be
> > running -27. Maybe it crept back in at some point, and you should up
> > your kernel jumbo patch.
> That's just one of the problems. It must be this one:
> (from 108528-12)
> 4467264 GET_NATIVE_TIME for hummingbird/UIIe can return erroneous values
> then there was the clock speed problem:
> (from 108528-13)
> 4460876 Hummingbird (UIIe) system clocks consistently run fast
> looks like the troubles are not yet over. I saw occasional glitches in the
> order of 2 or 32 seconds a couple of times per month (fewer in recent times),
> but 100 years?
> Roman

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