[ntp:questions] Re: NTP, Unix and the 34-year itch (better read this)

Simon Lyall simon at darkmere.gen.nz
Mon Jan 26 01:20:17 UTC 2004

Simon Burge <simonb at wasabisystems.com> wrote:
>Note that we already have some date info in the ntpd binary - the
>version string from version.c.  From a recent build:
>        "ntpd 4.2.0a at 1.1210-r Wed Jan 14 01:33:04 EST 2004 (1)"
>Maybe this can somehow be used in a sanity check?

What happens in this scenario? :

"My system clock is a few years in the future. To fix this somebody tells 
me I should install ntpd. I download the source, compile and install it 
and then attempt to run it. However it refuses to move the date backwards. 
When I manually move the date back to close to the correct time it refuses 
to start since the system time is years earlier than it was built. "

I would suggest that if the date is going to be in the binary/source then 
it is updated (automatically) by the ntp team when a new version of the 
source is released.

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