[ntp:questions] Re: NTP as client only

Gopal k_gopalakrishnan at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 28 18:50:06 UTC 2004

"David Schwartz" <davids at webmaster.com> wrote in message news:<bv6vnj$7u5$1 at nntp.webmaster.com>...
> "Gopal" <k_gopalakrishnan at hotmail.com> wrote in message 
> news:f6b5173d.0401271132.5bd58866 at posting.google.com...
> > Can I run the ntpd as client only.  I dont want the deamon to act as 
> > server.
> > what is the option to run ntpd as client only.
>     What is it that you don't want NTP to do?
>     DS

I do not want my NTP to provide the time to other ntp client.  I want
my ntp to act only as the client, that is it should only sync with
other time source and it should not act as a time source.  I do not
want NTP to listen for other NTP requests.  I do not want my NTP to
keep responding to other ntp requests.


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