[ntp:questions] Re: Another time kernel 2.6 and ntpd.

Johan Swenker J.B.Swenker at KPN.com
Thu Jan 29 11:00:08 UTC 2004

In article <KMGdnZctGsla2IXdRVn-jg at comcast.com>, rgilbert88 at comcast.net says...
>It could be that your local clock is drifting faster than ntp can 
>correct it.  I believe I recall reading here that 500 ppm is the maximum 
>drift that ntp can correct.  If it's worse than that you need to do 
>something with tickadj to fix it.  I have never done it myself, or 
I presume the old program tickadj doesn't work correctly anymore.
Can someone running 2.6 please verify?

>needed to, so you'll need to get the details from someone who knows how.
Details are in the FAQ on www.ntp.org.

>Ruben Navarro Huedo wrote:
>>WARNING: Unsanitized content follows.
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>>This is what i can see in syslog running ntpd under kernel 2.6:
>>Jan 28 22:47:56 linux ntpd[28795]: time reset 4.572738 s
>>Jan 28 22:47:56 linux ntpd[28795]: synchronisation lost
>>We see these messages very often.

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