[ntp:questions] Very basic ntp question

Andrew.Lovett andrew.lovett at yale.edu
Thu Jan 29 19:30:58 UTC 2004

Hi, I am brand new to ntp, and I have a very simple question.  I am trying
to create an ntp server that uses a local clock so I can synchronize several
clocks on a network (I've read the warnings about using a local clock, but
the server in question is completely disconnected from the Internet, so
there should be no problem there).  I'm not entirely sure how to write my
config file.  Using the default location (/etc/ntp.conf), I've tried
sever refid LCL
In either case, when I run ntpd, it immediately quits without an error
message.  When I run ntpudate, it says, "no server can be used, exiting"
Can someone please tell me how exactly the config file should be written, or
whether I need to add any command-line arguments?
PS: The operating system I'm using is QNX, I believe ntp should behave about
the same way as it does on UNIX.

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