[ntp:questions] reference clock 35: Help !!!!!!!!!!

Henk Jan Dekker henkjandekker at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 29 20:39:08 UTC 2004

hello, i have a reference clock conected to the parallel port of an  utra
450. this is a conrad clock, as discribed in the driver 35

i tried several things. at first i just installed the packages, that i
downloaded from sunfreeware. this package's has the driver 35 in it, and
should support it. i made al link to the ecpp0 and pcfclock0 and added the
server to the ntp.conf

i thougt that this should be ok. but nothing happens
on my console i see the error:
clock PCF (0) event 'clk_fault' (0x03)

then i tried with the source code and did the following things

make install

this has the same results.

what am i doning wrong

please help


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