[ntp:questions] Re: wireless routers beating on NTP servers

Thomas Barnes tom at barnestormer.com
Fri Jan 30 21:40:08 UTC 2004

Mine, a WRT54g, is constantly querying a ntp server in Taiwan
time.chttl.com.tw and there is _no_way_ to change it.

Trying to obtain  customer support at linksys is hopeless ( that is
another story ). They told me "What do you expect for $100"  "Why do
you feel the need to configure the clock on your router?" and "This is
a matter for your ISP to address; perhaps they can block the address"
. . outsourcing dollars hard at work I suppose.

I normally would not mind too much, but the clock drifts about 1 day
every 1/2 hour. At one time, noticed it was off by over 4 years. . and
no way to fix it.

What I did to fix my problem was unorthodox, I know, but is the only
way. I am told that a very early version of the firmware allows for
configuring the NTP servers. Unfortunately, you can go forward but not
backwards with this models firmware; it will not allow it.

1: I have a sun box acting as a kind of router and firewall. I simply
add the address to a virtual interface (in my case
hme2:1 ) and make the appropriate static routes to that address.

2: set my box to peer with another ntp server (Closest one to me is at
the AFB in CO )

3: set up my sun box as a ntp server ( with the TW address ) 

4: Viola

I really hate doing things like this but in the case of the linksys, I
am forced to break the internet god's commandments. . sorry arpa.

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