[ntp:questions] [VMS] config or clock?

Alder PGDEHMKOKIMD at spammotel.com
Sat Jan 31 23:53:09 UTC 2004

I've just started paying some attention to the system time on my 
AlphaServer 1000A 4/266.  It's running VMS 7.3 and TCP/IP Services 5.4.

After visiting www.ntp.org and perusing the docs, I tested the stability 
and accuracy of my system clock by stopping the NTP service and setting 
my clock with ntpdate against the 'closest' time server to me.  I found 

$ ntpdate "-o" 4 "-p" 4 ntp.cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Selected server is ntp.cpsc.ucalgary.ca ( offset +0.4557905

... 8 hours later:

$ ntpdate "-o" 4 "-p" 4 ntp.cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Selected server is ntp.cpsc.ucalgary.ca ( offset +34.9372245

That looked to me like my clock was losing time rapidly.  I then started 
the NTP service and monitored the drift and log files for awhile.  THe 
drift file moved from a value of 0.0 at service startup to 500.0 within 
an hour or two.

My log file over this period showed an ever increasing 'slew' value as 
NTP tried correcting my clock:

$ search tcpip$ntp_run.log "time slew"
31 Jan 09:44:58 ntp[216]: time slew 0.390476 s
31 Jan 09:58:53 ntp[216]: time slew 1.085532 s
31 Jan 10:18:18 ntp[216]: time slew 1.682264 s
31 Jan 10:36:10 ntp[216]: time slew 2.123613 s
31 Jan 10:52:20 ntp[216]: time slew 2.604056 s
31 Jan 11:07:54 ntp[216]: time slew 3.144392 s
31 Jan 11:31:09 ntp[216]: time slew 3.654378 s
. . .
31 Jan 15:48:20 ntp[216]: time slew 14.203758 s

My config file is pretty basic, so I'm wondering if the 'symptoms' I 
reported above are a function of my clock, or are they the result of bad 

$ type tcpip$ntp.conf
server time.nrc.ca version 4
server ntp1.cmc.ec.gc.ca version 4
server tick.utoronto.ca version 3
server time.chu.nrc.ca version 3
server ntp.cpsc.ucalgary.ca version 4
server timelord.uregina.ca version 3
statistics loopstats

Any help most appreciated...!


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